Why does the morning routine promote efficiency at work?

Give yourself a privileged daily moment thanks to the morning routine

If you were asked what the best time of your day is in general, what would you choose? It’s a safe bet that breakfast will take pride of place in the survey results.

This trendy concept may already ring a bell. Whether you’ve heard of it before or are new to it, let’s find out here:

  • What is the morning routine?
  • Why adopt a morning routine?
  • How does this routine promote your efficiency at work?
  • How to create a winning morning routine?

What is the morning routine?

First of all, a little warning: if you’re the type to constantly push back the time to wake up, what’s going to follow may surprise you, not to say discourage you. Read the following anyway, because the subject is still very likely to convince you.

The goal:

to feel good, or at least better, by starting your day with a fun activity that frees your mind.

Where the term routine often rhymes with boredom and therefore something negative, here it is associated with a positive dynamic that will allow you to tend towards plenitude.

Why adopt a morning routine? How does it promote work efficiency?

Close to my house, it is not uncommon for me to come across elderly people in a park doing Thai Chi movements very early in the morning. In addition to allowing them to enjoy the place before the arrival of the Parisian crowd, it seems to give them a certain inner peace, a more than enviable serenity.

Like these followers of morning activities, adopting a morning routine could well relax you before a big day at work. What could be better than arriving at the office with a clear mind, full of good vibes to share with colleagues and clients?

The objective, we remind you, is above all that of fulfilling yourselves. Thanks to your morning routine, you will soon discover the beneficial effects on your morale and your health. One condition to achieve this: do activities that you enjoy and free your mind, far from the constraints and hassles of everyday life.

How to create a winning morning routine?

As we have seen, a good morning routine must be prepared. The main interest is not to be discouraged from the first morning, otherwise, you risk never knowing the benefits of this approach. So here’s the best step-by-step way to build a program that works.

1. Identify the activities you would like to do


What do you like to do in life? What gives you pleasure? The idea here is to take care of yourself, the approach being fully an exercise in personal development

What makes you vibrate and would allow you to start the day well?

A little jogging?

A kitchen time?

Listening to a podcast on your favorite themes? Walk along the quays? Start writing a book? A moment of meditation? Or several of these activities at the same time?

At the risk of repeating myself, this short period preceding your working day has only one watchword: your pleasure, to approach the rest with a free and light spirit.

2-Set a wake-up time

To set the new time at which you will have to get up, first consider the time at which you usually wake up.

The idea is then to gradually advance this scheduled day after day until you reach 1h or 1h30 of time allowing you to carry out the activities dedicated to your morning routine.

If you’re exhausted, needless to say, it’s better to rest, go to bed a little earlier than planned tonight and put off your morning routine until tomorrow. This is about adopting a new lifestyle, not punishing yourself!

Keep in mind that the ideal is to sleep 7 to 8 hours per night. A whole host of applications, watches, and other electronic devices allow you to measure the quality and duration of your nights. Match your wake-up time to your sleep cycle.

3-Get ready the night before

Depending on your morning activities, prepare the equipment you will need the night before. This will allow you to go to bed with peace of mind and wake up without feeling like you are running after time to practice your activity.

4-Avoid rushing to your phone as soon as you wake up

Or especially to spend more time there than necessary. Once the alarm clock is off, the few notifications taken into account, put your phone down.

The idea of a successful morning routine is certainly not to lie in bed watching who liked what post on Instagram and how strangers may have responded to other strangers.

5-Save valuable time for breakfast and getting ready

The morning routine is a state of mind. You are targeting Zen, an attitude of inner peace that will have a positive impact on your health.

Nurturing this state of mind must necessarily be accompanied by eating as healthy as possible.

Preparing a well-balanced breakfast is therefore one of the best transitions to make between your morning routine and the workday that is just beginning.

In summary

The best way to create your morning routine is to break up your routine by adding meaningful activities to your daily life that make you happy.

If waking up 1h or 1h30 earlier than usual proves difficult at first, go in small increments of 10-15 minutes to gradually achieve this goal.

It only remains for us to wish you to enjoy this new privileged daily moment!

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