Top 15 professions that recruit without a diploma

A great and beautiful career is possible for you, even without a diploma: just look at the big bosses Serge Papin (Système U), Jean-Claude Decaux (JCDecaux), or even François Pinault (Kering) and their inspiring careers to be sure

Finding a job without a diploma remains possible, no need to have done HEC or Polytechnique to succeed and climb the ladder!

In this article, we reveal 15 ways to find a job even if you don’t have a high level of education. The little extra? These sectors recruit a lot… even without a diploma!

Finding a job without a diploma: it’s possible!

If you are wondering what job to do without a diploma, let’s start with brief motivational coaching: everything, absolutely everything!

All doors can open to you if you adopt the right mindset.

The school and the studies are probably over for you, and you may have a bitter memory of them.

If school wasn’t the experience for you, or if you had a bumpy ride where you didn’t feel valued, that’s okay.

Accept it, because your career is just beginning. Leave the past behind you, and let’s look together at all the professional opportunities available to you, even without a diploma!

In 2015, according to INSEE, 13% of 25-34-year-olds had no diploma (while the figure was 35% for 55-64-year-olds). Even if the opportunities are more limited, there are many avenues to explore to find a job without a diploma.

The little extra: in the list of 15 jobs that recruit without a diploma, some pay quite well and career development is possible.

Our list of the 15 professions accessible without a diploma

This list of 15 jobs that recruit without a diploma is far from complete: it is here to give you some leads!

1. Delivery man

You have your license, you do not want to work in an office, and you would prefer to see the country? The profession of the delivery driver is recruiting, without a diploma!

Depending on your desires, you can ride your bike, and your scooter and make happy all those who are impatiently waiting for their parcels. If you have the B license, other opportunities are available to you.

Don’t overlook job postings from last-mile logistics companies, and courier and food delivery services.

2. Truck driver, taxi, or VTC driver

Always on the move: you will be able to find a job without a diploma if you have your B license or your heavy goods vehicle license.

Competition is fierce in the VTC sector (Uber, Kapten, Bolt…) and they are all recruiting.

3. Dog sitter / pet-sitter: no need for a diploma for our animal friends!

Do you love animals and would like to work with them but have never wanted to do the long years of study to be a veterinarian?

It’s not a problem! If the profession of a dog walker or dog guardian (dog-sitter) is already known, that of a pet sitter is recruiting more and more: taking care of the birds, cats, and hamsters of your neighbors away for the weekend or on vacation.

4. Create your micro-enterprise to do a job without needing a diploma!

This is a solution available to you if you don’t know what job to do without a diploma: create your own business and become your own boss!

Buyer-reseller, naturopath, sophrologist, coach, business consultant, caterer, product or object manufacturer: get started!

5. Waiter: this job without a diploma has always recruited and will always recruit!

In the hotel and catering industry, you will be in direct contact with the customer, and he is not there to check your diplomas: he just wants to have a good time!

Whether you are a waiter in a café, bar, nightclub, neighborhood restaurant, or more reputable brasserie, the boss who recruits you will be interested in your personality, your enthusiasm, your sense of contact, and your sense of responsibility.

Becoming a waiter is often the first step before becoming a chef de rang, then working in more prestigious establishments that pay more!

6. Find a job without a diploma easily by becoming a salesperson

Are you more Nike, Celio, or Zara? Promod, H&, M or Brice? Whatever your style of dress and your level of education, fashion brands recruit all year round.

The advantage of these signs is that they promote versatility and will teach you sales techniques, visual merchandising, the art of listening and advising in the cabin with customers, cash management, and many other facets of sales jobs.

A real school of life, and the promise of a significant salary increase if you reach your objectives (first salesperson, deputy manager, store manager, then sector manager, regional manager, etc.).

7. Mover

A more physical sector, generally more masculine, the moving business also needs secretaries, logisticians, and hotlines and is also open to women.

If you want to play Tetris with furniture and boxes, if you’ve always been good at dismantling cabinets and beds without damaging them, this job could be for you.

8. Tourist guide: great stories, but no need for a diploma!

Are you interested in guiding tourists through the historical wonders of your city? Whether it’s a seasonal or year-round job, the tourism sector is constantly recruiting in France.

9. Telephone call center operator/hotline

“A job that builds character,” says a former customer satisfaction manager for a large American group.

Customers call with a problem, you are there to find a solution for them because you are the expert, and in their eyes, often the savior!

Banks, telecoms, agri-food, automotive, insurance: all these sectors will open their arms to you if you know how to show patience and perseverance, the two key skills sought in a hotline.

10. Cashier

The retail sector recruits and trains cashiers and hostesses all year round.

A good sense of interpersonal skills will be required of you, as well as a real sense of responsibility because the sums collected each day are significant!

If you’re wondering what to do without a diploma, start by printing your CV and go around the hypermarkets and supermarkets in your city!

  1. Security officer, security officer

In stores, on industrial sites, in shopping centers, and at events: we don’t always see them, yet they are there, present to ensure safety.

In charge of security, they sometimes walk around in civilian clothes or watch over the calm from their checkpoint, their eyes glued to the cameras to detect the slightest disturbance to public order.

Prison supervisor (accessible without a diploma)

Working in a penitentiary means helping with reintegration, preparing for the future, and knowing how to help others.

This demanding job does not require any specific diploma, you will be trained directly by the prison administration.

15. Paramedic

Being at the service of others, ensuring the transport of injured or sick people to the hospital while ensuring their comfort and their state of health: the emergency is the daily life of the paramedic.

If you are responsive and efficient, know how to keep your cool, and manage stressful situations, why not consider a career as a paramedic?

After a short training, you will put your human qualities, your availability, and your sense of listening at the service of patients and their families.

What job to do without a diploma: 10 bonus jobs!

“Whether you think you can do it or not, you’re right”: this quote from Henry Ford, the founder of the automobile empire, remains relevant and applies particularly to your job search, even if you think not having the right diplomas or not having the level.

The important thing to succeed without a diploma is to show the recruiter that you have the energy, the sense of a job well done, and the desire to learn. With the right frame of mind, the doors will open in front of you!

If the list of 15 jobs without qualifications was not enough for you, here is a short list of 10 other jobs that could suit you!

  1. Builder
  2. wedding planner
  3. Ticket office manager in theaters or cinemas
  4. Graphic designer
  5. freight train driver
  6. Detective
  7. Baby sitter
  8. Farmer
  9. Commercial
  10. Designer

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