The way out of heartache!

By | April 7, 2021

Anxiety and depression have become a psychological problem all over the world. Most people feel depressed and anxious. The causes of this condition are many and may not be due to one cause in all the population. So it is wrong to insist on a cause. Economic hardships, social constraints, expectations, and many other factors can cause depression.
This is also a serious psychological problem in Afghanistan. Young people in particular suffer the most. Don’t be upset if you are one of them too! We show you some solutions that can help.

 . Don’t worry about the future!

Many people therefore feel anxious and deeply depressed, fearful of the future. It is not our intention to ignore this future and do nothing for your better future! Rather, your goal is to convince yourself that everything is going well.
A general idea is that you should be optimistic. Tell yourself that everything will be the way I want it to be. Also tell yourself that everything happens but on time; The fact is, everything happens on time. What you want may not be a good time right now. Because man does not know his own good and evil.
Also, always try to make the most of the present. Forget the past and have a positive outlook on the future.

 . Keep busy!

Psychologists have another suggestion for relieving anxiety. They say you have to keep yourself busy to get rid of heartache. The truth is the same. When only one gets bored too soon. So always keep yourself engaged in a task, study, take a step, help others and take advantage of other healthy approaches. Try to find a healthy engagement!

 . Don’t think about the past!

When a time passes it never comes back. Regret and worries about the past are useless. This action destroys your peace of mind. This can lead to other mental illnesses besides heartburn. If you haven’t achieved anything in the past, say Allah has a better offer for me. It will give me a lot. Indeed, God “J” does what is in the best interest of the servant.

. Have imaginary success!

Sometimes we don’t get bored in any way, so one way is to create imaginary scenes in which you reach your goals and have a life of your choice. In this way your attention will be diverted and you will no longer feel depressed or anxious.
Although this happiness is temporary, it can change your mind. Repetition of this work is not good. Because you may be lazy and use imagination instead of work. Only take advantage of this occasionally.

. Do what you love! 

Sometimes you get bored for no reason, so change your tastes to suit your tastes. Maybe you love cricket or want to watch a movie. Well done, go and act according to your taste!
Life in some circles and frames can be really tiring. Cultivate your tastes so that your depression can end.

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