The three most important and comprehensive laws of life

By | April 7, 2021

The three most important and all-encompassing rules of life are life within the framework of principles and laws and it seems good to apply them. And the creation and development of a comfortable and peaceful life. Some of them are laws that are not created by human beings, but are laws of nature, which, whether one likes it or not, one is forced to apply to oneself. Face problems and even death. For example, if we break the law of gravity and gravity, we may fall from a high place, and God forbid any part of our body will be broken, so there are other laws in life that are impractical. If this happens then why did humans get to Mars? The world has reached where it is today and has progressed all this thanks to the following three laws. If one really follows these rules, I can confidently say that there will be prosperity and progress in life, and life will be easier.

 d. Work or reverse work is a law

This is Newton’s law, which applies to every sphere of life.  We include the social section here, what is the use of these laws in the society and where are they used? What are the benefits if these laws are implemented? And what will happen if these laws are not implemented? And write. According to the law of action and reaction, in a society where you treat people, you will be rewarded for the same behavior. If you treat people well, you will not be treated differently. Observe good behavior, and vice versa. So the way people expect you to behave, first treat others the same way, treat them the same way, treat yourself the same way, then correct yourself first in the community and then to correct others. Talk and criticize. Serve and appreciate your parents so that in the future your children will treat you the same. If you do not serve the rights of your parents, your children will not respect your rights. Because there is a proverb in Pashto, “Whatever you sow, you will reap.Do it with people and you will get good results. So on this basis a good word of morality can take a person by surprise. And no one can adopt immorality. Our destiny changes with the way people behave and think, if our thoughts and behavior are always in line with ethics, then we will become who we hope to be and do what we want. The result of misconduct, conflict, immorality and other misdeeds is bad and negative reactions. Good deeds, morals, piety, good manners and behavior …

The law of cause and effect

This law tells us that “every cause has an effect and every effect has a cause” in the sense that every problem has a cause and effect. When we face problems in life, we should not fight against the problem, but the best way is to eliminate the causes that have caused the problem, the ones that have affected us the most, Until the problem is solved as a whole. If we fight the problem we can eliminate the problem in a short time, why the causes of the problem that caused the problem remain hidden in the form of a virus, which may recur in the future. Create a problem. Or, for example, if we are sick, if we do not treat the disease in time, and do not identify the causes, do not follow the doctor’s advice, do not take the medicine on time, the problem may get bigger. So first we have to see a doctor to find out the causes of this disease. Until the doctor diagnoses the disease correctly and finds the cause, he cannot give us medicine and solve the problem. If we don’t go to the right doctor, and don’t diagnose our disease correctly, it can lead to other diseases and other problems. So every time we have to solve the problem on time, let’s leave today’s work to tomorrow. Therefore, whatever happens in nature and in the world, everything happens according to the law of cause and effect. The emphasis of this law is on eliminating the causes. Because there is no event in the world that does not have a cause. Whatever progress the world makes today, do it all according to this law, something new will be created in the world, human beings have become accustomed to it over time, and problems have not been solved properly, so these are the reasons. Man has thought of producing something better than them. Life is full of problems, no one is free from these problems, who faces big problems and who faces small ones, every problem that arises in our life has some causes. So when you set plans and goals for your life, set them carefully so that you don’t run into problems. You can easily identify the causes of the problem by answering the questions (what ?, where ?, why ?, who ?, how much ?, when ?, how?). Here is another good example to help you understand this law, for example: Ahmad owns a supermarket in Kabul, and in order to keep his market warm and popular, he wants to import new and better quality products from European countries. Ahmed buys a couple of dollars in Germany with the help of a friend because he doesn’t know the German language. He has to travel to Germany once every three days to import and verify his goods. If he doesn’t travel on time, he gets double the customs duty and the Afghan government’s tariff on his goods, which amounts to ۶۰ 5,000. Now he has two days left to confirm the goods. The flight is at 5 o’clock in the morning, he made a call on his mobile at 3 o’clock at night, to wake up early in the morning and get to the airport, the mobile does not ring in the morning when he wakes up it is 6 o’clock. Now I wonder why this happened, why I would not spend the night at the airport instead of at home. Conclusion: According to this law, the causes of this problem are: Ahmed Be Ghori, who should have made the call on two or three mobiles, so as not to face any problem, the reasons may be more. As for the effect of this law, in addition to the cost of the plane ticket due to Ahmed’s negligence, he also lost more than thirty thousand dollars in Germany. It’s a waste of time, depression is another effect that Ahmed has had … so we can cite thousands of other examples.

d knowledge or action of law

According to this law, “Knowledge is useless without action, and action without knowledge.” Knowledge and knowledge become beautiful in action. Without knowledge, one has no value. So in order to acquire knowledge and gain knowledge, prove it in action, so that you will gain progress, fame, and trust and respect among the people. Using action or knowledge is the root of every success. People who do not use their knowledge are like an illiterate book covered in dust. “The journey of thousands of miles begins with one step,” says the famous scientist Lavocha, so use what you have learned. If you want to achieve success and goals and benefit yourself or others, use the facts, information, principles, rules, or skills you have learned. Also in society if we think, those who do not keep their promises and words, you see what the situation is like today, many people call him a liar, no one accepts his words, People will lose faith in them, and so on. If you want to be loved by people under this law, and gain trust in society, people will accept everything you say, and listen to it. Close the gap between your actions. Be the same in what you say, for example, tell someone that I will never gossip or lie to anyone, then you will be the same in practice, so that others will believe in you, and the truthful and verbal person will do the same. Get introduced. This is the most important law in life, this law introduces our personality and example to the people. So as you say and do, be kind to yourself and act on it, in order to gain the trust of the people and avoid criticism.

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