The subtleties we need to pay attention to!

By | April 6, 2021

Social life is not free from rules and restrictions. We and you all definitely live in the same community, so it is clear that we will have relationships and kinship with other people. We will also meet our family, friends, villagers, classmates, colleagues and many more on a daily basis. In dealing with these people, we must pay attention to our actions so that our personality does not come under criticism.
 These nuances encompass almost all of life in its lifetime. If you want to maintain your social popularity and personality, pay close attention to the subtleties. 

 The subtleties we need to pay attention to!

Leg extension

When you are in meetings and formal places, do not stretch your legs. Doing so is considered disrespectful to others and harms your personality. If you still have leg pain or your legs are sore, ask the occupants for permission and give your excuse. So they think that if you respect them, they will respect you. 

 – Resentment

If you have a grudge against someone else in the meeting, do not try to belittle or belittle them.
 By doing so you are harming your personality instead. Your sarcasm will hurt other people in the audience as well. They may laugh at you for pleasure, but at heart they will laugh at you. Also, don’t forget that jealousy is a sin at all times.

Take pictures

Man likes to have the happiest moments of his life in the form of memories, so he takes pictures. But taking photos should also be in proportion. Also consider the tastes of other people, as some people do not like to take pictures. Also, never try to take secret photos at parties or other places.
 Furthermore, if you ask permission to take a picture of someone else, it is their right and we must respect the rights of others.

Find fault

Man by nature likes to look for faults, as well as to hear faults and negative news. But with a little practice, this problem can be solved. If you find fault with others you will soon lose your friend. Because no one is perfect. Most likely, you will tell others about your friends’ faults and upset them accordingly.
 It should be noted that searching for faults is also a bad practice from the point of view of the holy religion of Islam. Avoid them.

Standing aimlessly

If you live in a city, people don’t pay much attention to your movements because of the crowded and busy life. But in rural areas, your every move is monitored. Try not to stand idle. Do not stand in front of people’s houses, on public roads or in other places that people despise. If you have this habit, people’s minds about you will definitely be negative. 


Never make fun of others. Most people do this to make others laugh. In this way he quickly makes friends and gets to know all the people. But don’t forget that the sooner people make friends, the sooner they lose them. You try to respect others instead of making fun of them, so that you are respected again. Remember, this is not temporary, if you respect others you will always be respected.

ـ Frequently followed

When it comes to taking turns, the Pashto proverb comes to mind: 
 It is also important to maintain order in the community. Taking turns is important in every aspect of life, but taking turns when talking is the most important. Our goal is to never get caught up in anyone’s talk. Let the other person open up, then it’s your turn. 


Smoking not only threatens your health but also your health. Your first advice is to quit smoking to keep both your health and your personality in check. But if you are unable to quit smoking, there are some subtleties to consider. Never smoke in public places. Also, avoid smoking before going to official gatherings and meetings, as it makes your mouth stink. 
 If you are sitting in a meeting and want to smoke, stay away from people sitting and smoke secretly. Even if you have close friends.
 Avoid smoking in cars and other similar places. If you are sitting with two people smoking a cigarette, get away from them first, if there is no chance of separation, apologize for it and ask if they are not sensitive to the tradition of smoking. 

 It is difficult to summarize the subject of social nuances in one article. We would like to publish more details in another post. If you like it too, share your thoughts in the comments. 

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