The most common diseases in cats

The most common cat diseases: detect them to react quickly and talk to your veterinarian.

Here we review the most common cat diseases, as well as those that you can best and fastest detect, to react yourself or talk to your veterinarian.


The most common diseases against which to vaccinate the cat

Calicivirus (FCV), feline panleukopenia (FPV), and feline rhinotracheitis (FHV) are the diseases against which cat vaccination is recommended in all cases.

If your cat has the opportunity to mix with other cats, potentially unvaccinated, your veterinarian will proceed with the vaccination against feline leukosis (FeLV).

If your cat lives permanently in a community (nursery, breeding…) you will have to think about vaccination against feline chlamydophilosis.

when your cat travels with you outside our borders, vaccination against rabies is mandatory.

Finally, vaccination against coryza in cats is recommended, as this disease is very contagious and can leave serious sequelae in cats.

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