The difference between a republic and a monarchy

By | April 7, 2021

Maulana Ashraf Ali Tahanwi (may Allah have mercy on him) has said in his book (Taqleel-e-Ikhtalaf-e-Ma-Anam) that in fact republic is the name of a kingdom. And this new name has been given to fool the people in such a way that in a monarchy the whole nation is subject to the order of one person and in a republic it is subject to the order of ten people. The type is:

The fact is that those who are pro-republican and pro-republican are also pro-government of one person with such a difference that the person is sometimes real and sometimes legal and it is a philosophical rule that the whole is one person. When all are united on one issue but this rule is one is not true therefore those who follow the decisions of the parliament even though there are many on the surface but when all are united on one thing then If a person is not free to cast his or her vote, he or she must be approved, and if so, how many delegates’ votes will be considered valid?

While in the Republican Parliament also the individual vote of each person is not valid but the collective vote is valid and the collective vote becomes the vote of the same single person. This is because the consensus of many people on a single issue is a single word, according to which the supporters of the monarchy are subject to one real person while the supporters of the republic are subject to a single person.

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