Ten Interesting Facts About Men’s Brains

By | April 7, 2021

Women always want to solve problems, but men want to be free and no one should interfere in their work because they want to get rid of the heavy cost of marriage. This feature is a big mistake for men. This fact has been proven recently after research on young students.

Also, men’s abusive and violent behavior may last up to 5 years, as the results of a study on Bolivian men published in 5 years ago show that the first mental concentration of men collected after the age of 5 is only in the joint. Life revolves around building a family.

Of course, some men are still free to move on, preparing for a difficult family, in which the social, cultural, economic reasons and its genetic problems are all worth mentioning. Also in the same year a number of articles based on academic studies were published; Men whose genes are healthy and not mutually unattractive are more likely to get married; on the other hand, both men and women are more likely to be happy to live together.

Family authority 

  According to Birzendine, an American scientist and doctor of medicine, the most irritating and destabilizing anxiety in men can lead to anger and sexual behavior, but most of these actions and laws cause it. Eliminates anger in men and reduces abusive physical violence, it is only the lowering of the hormone testosterone that relaxes men and naturally eliminates violent interference in behavior.


In the same year that a special research study was conducted on the evolution of human behavior, it was found that the brains of men are more ready to reach out and help others than to become fathers. Fatherhood, on the other hand, causes a hormonal change in men, as prolactin (the female hormone) rises in men after marriage and testosterone levels fall, which immediately leads to paternal behavior in that man. Increases. In pregnant women, pheromones may be able to alter the behavior of the life partner.

Published in the journal Hormones and Behavior in 2006, some of the following findings: Morality may have many benefits, according to them, a married woman may be able to use male hormones before she has a baby. In the brain, the ground for “becoming a good mother” is already equal to that of Vara, or it changes the other things that a woman mentally likes.

The brain of an adult male 

Young men need to stay healthy throughout their lives as well as their mates and suitable life partners, but in old age men only reach out to those who have a helping and sympathetic side. Aging behavior changes because sexual and self-centered feelings are caused by a decrease in testosterone and with age, the older the testosterone, the lower the level of the hormone in the body.

Don’t forget that people with high testosterone levels, especially unmarried people, want to outdo their competitors and secretly improve their performance, but older men are more likely to be overweight. If the level of this hormone is low, they want to share all the facts with the community and their friends and hold each other’s hands. So those who want to be helpful in mass development will have low levels of the hormone testosterone.

Parental behavior 

Studies and research show that parents have a unique way of loving and playing with their children. Angry and often motivating for self-confidence, encourages them to spend a lot of time and push back because they are prepared to face the realities and realities of life as well as such fathers. Playing shoulder to shoulder with children is an important aspect of life as it slowly progresses and evolves, especially when it comes to avoiding dangerous sexual practices.

According to research and studies, people who want to run the same society as the father or are inclined to do so have significantly lower testosterone levels. So far, researchers have not ruled out the fact that testosterone levels have been reduced solely because of the influence of the father’s behavior, but researchers believe that the effect of the father’s behavior has been reduced. As a result, the level of this hormone drops slightly.

Defend your borders

One of the duties of men in the history of human evolution is to defend their territories. Many studies have found that human beings need more than other mammals, especially those who cross their own land and borders. There is more love in the brains of men than in women, even though women own their own property. Feels, but when he sees the danger of danger on the territory of a man and his mistress; So men are more likely to engage in angry behavior.

 Why do men look at women?

Although the hormone testosterone in men is a cause of anger and repression, it is also a major cause of sexual orientation. Men are three times more likely to have this hormone in their blood than women, and they also have disorders of the brain’s control during sexual intercourse. Like a pilot, he constantly turns his eyes towards women, and men’s actions cause the woman’s complexion to disappear after a while.

ـ Men focus on problem solving

Studies have shown that women tend to be more gentle and emotional than men, but Dr. Breznadine says this is completely wrong, believing that the male brain system that connects to the central nervous system during sympathy is completely wrong. Informs a man when someone tells him about his problem or sees a woman upset. So at this point, men’s brains are faster than women’s to find the root of the problem.

According to Dr. Bresnandine, this area searches the brain as fast as a computer vector and searches the entire brain to find the problem. As a result, men tend to be more sympathetic and empathetic.

Men spend a lot of time alone

Loneliness and isolation can have a devastating effect on the body, especially on the brain, such as the elderly, who suffer from a variety of isolated illnesses, and men are less inclined to spend time with the community or family than women. And hardly blends in with the community and the group. Studies show that a man’s living with a woman is more beneficial because he wants to have a faithful and better relationship for the rest of his life. On the other hand, living with a woman increases the secretion of hormones that reduce anxiety. And age increases.

ـ Men are kinder than women

Although women are said to be more emotional, researchers have found that male children show more affectionate and emotional symptoms than young newborns.

Adult teens are also somewhat loving but show few signs of this. But when he notices his strong feelings and the reactions of the community (that is, he knows that no one has said anything to me, or that he has not treated me badly in a loving way, he steps on that strong feeling and pushes it back).

Some of the key findings from her study were published in the journal Psychology in Scandinavia for five years, mostly on the condition of men’s faces, when men wanted to know how much they wanted to know about their feelings. He put the mask on his mouth.


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