By | April 6, 2021

When the structures of your body, the mental qualities, the emotions, the instincts, the functions of the brain and consciousness, the states of your thoughts and ideas, the various relations with the environment and nature, and the internal, external, material and spiritual demands of your being, Look at the needs, requirements and other forces and characteristics, then it will become clear to you that I have a lot, and a lot depends on me and I am solely responsible for all this …….. ……
Therefore in self-knowledge, one should use depth, precision, thought, control one’s speech, and look at all one’s actions as a great thought.
Examine the real dimensions of yourself, now is not the time to think about how many wrestlers you have and how many people you can beat, but how many times your mind can work and how many times you can think and plan big

Introduce yourself! That is, ask yourself the following questions in order to identify yourself.

. Who am I?
– Why did I come to this world?
– What is the use of this life for me?
– What is the reality and responsibility of my existence?
. Where will I go after this life?

If one really answers these questions correctly and logically, and puts them into practice, he will not be humiliated in this world or in the next.

Introduce yourself! That is, God has given me life and life is a heavy debt that I have to pay, I have to follow what He has instructed me to do, and I have to do what He has forbidden me to do. Avoid.

Introduce yourself! That is, self-creation is what reveals the true face of man. Make good use of your intellect, thinking, innovation, motivation, creativity, body, patience, honesty and sincerity, conscience, perseverance in knowing yourself and give thanks to Allah ‘J’.


Introduce yourself! I mean, what work and what am I most interested in? What profession and occupation do I like the most? What foods affect me in the diet, how is my health and hygiene and how can I improve them day by day ….

Introduce yourself! That is, movement, work and effort are the foundation of my life.

Introduce yourself! That is, I am a social being, I must be proud of the community, not sacrifice the interests of the community for my own personal gain.

Introduce yourself! That is, I must abstain from evil, and not be influenced by negative mindsets, but by the influence of my good deeds.

Introduce yourself! That is, I must always live under the command of my intellect.

Introduce yourself! That is, I must gain knowledge and think rationally in everything.

Introduce yourself! That is, to meet my needs, wants and wants better than others.

Introduce yourself! That is, I can adjust my demands according to the demands of the times. In the light of Islam, of course.

Introduce yourself! That is, my behavior today makes me the paradise and hell of tomorrow.

Introduce yourself! That is, I transform myself into a good person.

 Introduce yourself! That is, I have to fight and overcome difficulties and obstacles.

Introduce yourself! That is, I must distinguish between flattery and respect.

Introduce yourself! I mean, I can’t be so simple as to deceive others.

Introduce yourself! That is! I must refrain from anything that causes deep depression and weakness in my nature, self and conscience.

Introduce yourself! That is, all my good and bad, in my own being.

Introduce yourself! That is, I must find my own honor in the honor of others.

Introduce yourself! That is, my beliefs, mindsets and worries give direction to my life, so I have to keep it all pure.

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