Quantum Computing

By | April 7, 2021

seems to be a very dangerous and frightening innovation, although it is still in the research field, but some researchers consider it to be one of the most dangerous and unique technological innovations. . So let’s talk in this section about what is quantum computing and quantum computer? What makes it different from current computers? Why aren’t these computers commercially available yet?

The value of quantum computers lies in the fact that they can perform functions at more than ق, whereas older computers can only perform functions at two values ​​(0.1).

Quantum computers have long seemed like a scientific idea, but some research has shown that such computers have been invented, but it is not possible to say exactly when and which company will be able to do this for the first time. The computers were marketed commercially. Google, IBM and other world-renowned companies are in fierce competition to build quantum computers and are all trying to bring the first computers to market before anyone else in this segment. 

Before I go into the knowledge of quantum computers, let me shed some light on how the current computers work and point out the need for quantum computers.

Current computers (computers before quantum computers)

Today all existing computers if used in any segment perform operations on binary values ​​(0,1) meaning that every action and any type of data is recognized as a set of 0s and 1s. Transistor gates are used to interpret and act on these binary sets (0,1). Each gate will be open (1) or closed (0). There is no other condition than these two.

As the replacement technology of these transistors advances, the size of these transistors decreases and the processing capacity increases. On the other hand, atoms have chosen their own shape and there is very little chance of them shrinking in size. To solve the problem, the scientists tried to create a new technology of computing and calculation so that they could perform operations at more than two prices. 

Quantum computing uses Qubit instead of a simple bit, and just as older computers performed operations based on physical theory, Qubit-based computers perform operations based on the bending of a magnetic field and a cubit. There will probably be a set of two bits (01) of more bits than the transistors of the old computers, so the data processing capacity of those computers will be much higher. And perhaps database systems will be used to extract large amounts of data at a time, to run artificial intelligence (AI) and high-volume software.

Lockheed Martin, for example, plans to use the D-Wave quantum computer to run Autopilot software because the software is extremely difficult to implement on today’s advanced computers. Google also plans to use quantum computing in software design.

Quantum computing has proven to be very dangerous in dismantling data security codes and cryptography, as these computers, with their tremendous speed, can extract a code from a variety of combinations. Easily and in less time, so many companies are trying to come up with new algorithms to encrypt data before Quantum computers can be commercialized. With not being able to break and break.

Google claims that they have designed a quantum computer with a 52 qubit processor that can perform random sampling in 5 minutes and 2 seconds, while the world’s fastest supercomputer IBM Has created, can do that calculation (Random Sampling) in 10000 years !!! 

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