Low blood pressure; Symptoms, causes and treatment

By | April 6, 2021

Beyond many other factors, diseases are what threaten human life. One of these problems is low blood pressure. In this article you will read information about low blood pressure.

Low blood pressure

In short, hypotension is a condition in which the human heart does not pump enough blood. This condition affects almost all human beings. But when the symptoms become apparent, it means that the condition is dangerous, so it needs to be treated immediately.

The human body does not function properly when the blood does not reach the heart and brain as well as other parts of the body. Also, living in a state of constant low blood pressure weakens your ability to concentrate.

What is the degree of low blood pressure?

Although these degrees vary in different populations, it can still be called low pressure below “3” degrees. At such times you should immediately consider raising this level.


In some cases low blood pressure indicates a problem with your health. This is why it is important to recognize the symptoms of low blood pressure so that the problem can be resolved in a timely manner. Some of the main symptoms are:




Darkness in the eyes

Loss of mental focus


Loss of dark circles


The main causes of low blood pressure are:


Heart failure


Disorders of the glands

Severe infection

 Effects of certain medications 


Anaphylaxis (allergic reaction)

Deficiency of nutrients in the diet


The important thing is that you should go to the doctor to find out your illness. But before you go to the doctor, you can take some simple steps to get your blood pressure back to normal.

First; lemon juice

If you have lemons or oranges at home, you are lucky. Quickly make lemon and salt syrup in a glass and give it to the patient. This problem will be solved in a very short time. 

 Second, drinking water 

As you mentioned above, dehydration can lower your blood pressure so drinking water can bring your blood pressure back to normal. When the pressure drops, try to drink plenty of water.

Third, use the feet

The health plan offers another. When your pressure drops, try to place a pillow under your feet and keep your head lower than your feet. This can help you control your stress. Or you can put your feet against the wall, so that the side of the foot is higher than the head.

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