Life and Art of Victor Hugo

By | April 7, 2021

The name “Hugo” is also one of the most famous writers in the world. In this short article you will read more about this great French writer. 

Who was Hugo?

Hugo is a well-known writer and poet of the nineteenth century, especially in France and around the world. His full name is Victor Hugo. The great writer opened his eyes to the world in the 5th century in the Byzantine region of France. He is said to have been a very weak child, so most people did not expect Hugo to survive. But contrary to popular belief, he survived and became a great writer. 

Hugo received his primary education in Paris. After a while he made a name for himself in poetry, Latin, and mathematics. Hugo began his poetry career in school and won a medal in school poetry. At the same time, another well-known French writer, Shatobrian, called him “the great child.”

Hugo’s poetry collection was published at the age of eight. Which was well received by the people. At the age of twenty-one he was appointed by the King of France and was paid two thousand francs. Thus Hugo entered the political game. That’s why he also saw so many high depths in life.

Some of the most important works by this great author are:

Hugo fell ill at the age of eight. Many people would come to question him. He died on May 20 of that year at the age of 83. He himself testified that:

I give 2 francs out of my possessions to the poor.

 Bury my body in the coffin of the poor.

I am tired of the church’s prayers and forgiveness.

I want people to pray for me.

I have full faith in God.

Hugo’s remarks

ـ Life is mathematical. Add up the good, negate the conflict. Beat the joy! Divide the pains. Take out the root of hatred and increase the power of love. 

ـ Caution is the first condition of scholars.

Every school you open, you close one door of the prison

 Animals are lucky not to go to hell.

ـ Unsuccessful people do not have energy, but determination.

The unlucky man is the one who does not believe in his own abilities.

ـ Literature is the secret of civilization and poetry is the source of secret hopes. 

 Lazy has two children. His son is a thief and his daughter is hungry. 

Love someone who is worthy of your love, not hungry for love. Because the hunger for love dies one day. 

The poor man’s friend is just silent and “yes”.

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