iOS, Android: 10 free applications to intelligently occupy your children during the holidays

During holidays or weekends, it is not necessarily easy to manage to occupy your children. Why not steer them toward entertaining and instructive programs that will enable kids to learn while having fun rather than abandoning them in front of the television? We have selected about ten of them, intended for kindergarten and primary school students.

Take care of your children intelligently on a tablet

During the successive confinements, we had to occupy our children even though we also had to ensure our days of teleworking. To help you, we had laid a list of 10 educational applications. And these are always appropriate for off-peak times like weekends or school breaks. Available on iOS and Android, these applications provide content suitable for all ages, likely to entertain the youngest while transmitting knowledge to them. A good complement to school education, in short.

These applications are obviously to be used sparingly, the prolonged exposure of the youngest to screens being harmful to their development. At the same time, outdoor outings, walks, board games, or even reading are all recommended activities.


Celestia is desktop software and a mobile application for astronomy enthusiasts. 3D animations and spectacular photos, and relevant and recent information will inspire budding astronauts to explore the stars and learn more about the solar system and its planets. They will also be able to visualize the course of the stars to know their trajectory and know everything about lunar eclipses. Space shuttles, satellites, and the International station will be visible, as well as other vessels from science fiction films and series.


To give them a taste of reading, you can download the Whisperies application with your eyes closed. This provides access to a myriad of stories for children. In the free version, it is possible to listen to them and/or read them by viewing an ad upstream. Animations and sound effects dot the illustrations and a voice (which can be mutated) declaims the text displayed on the screen. In addition to the disappearance of advertisements, the premium offer allows content to be downloaded and then viewed in offline mode. 487 stories are available: tales, fables, princesses and knights, funny stories, pirates and ships, bedtime stories… There’s something for all tastes and all ages (up to 10 years old).

Math Kids

Learning math isn’t always fun, but with the Maths Kids mobile app, it’s possible to revise your math while having fun. Intended for children in kindergarten or CP, this free application offers a colorful and fun interface that offers a fun and attractive environment for the youngest. Parents can also adjust the level of difficulty depending on the section and the age of the child. And for the older ones, it is possible to change the settings to learn the numbers in English.


According to several studies, children can quickly assimilate a foreign language. Hence the importance of initiating them as early as possible. For this, the free Duolingo app is quite suitable. English, Spanish, German, Portuguese, and Italian: it offers fun language lessons for children according to their level. Ideal for enriching your vocabulary step by step without having the impression of working. Voice recognition of a word, image recognition, translation… The modules are varied and perfectly suited to young learners.

Prof. Philix

Available on iOS, this application allows primary school students to revise fundamental subjects thanks to playful lessons and exercises in French (grammar, spelling, conjugation, vocabulary) but also in mathematics (numeration, mental calculation, geometry, problems) and English. All on a simple, intuitive, and pleasant-to-use interface. Children are particularly invited to complete challenges to win stars, a good way to motivate them. The application is free, but it is possible to pay to have access to more content.

iTooch Primary School

Primary iTooch includes many modules, which can be downloaded individually. They are aimed at students from CP to CM2. Their objective? Revise French and mathematics, thanks to courses and exercises (25,000) well done. Enough to complete school learning by going back to notions that are not necessarily acquired.


Applaydu brings together several mini-games that will allow the child to work on mathematics, revise his geography, enrich his general knowledge and learn while having fun. Besides its interesting mini-games, it’s the immersive environment and the system for monitoring your child’s progress that is interesting. Indeed, the child is represented by a customizable avatar who will then choose the games he wishes to play.

find the differences

This app allows you to exercise children’s observation skills. This little game displays two copies of one of the 750 images available, with some subtle differences, on which you just have to click to highlight them. If we stall, the magic wand gives you a clue.

Piano Kids – Music & songs

Even though this Android app’s user interface is in English, even a very young child is unlikely to be confused by its basic idea. All you have to do is choose the type of instrument at the top of the screen and tap on the keys. A good way to learn about the joys of music. Two other sections allow you to hear songs or many sounds (animal cries, transport noises, cosmic sounds, etc.).


Released in February 2021, PowerZ is one of the most interesting educational games of recent years. Enriched each year with new content and new chapters, PowerZ invites children aged 6 to 12 to think and learn a lot through a fantastic adventure in a colorful and very friendly universe.

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