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Many during ironing are faced with the fact that traces remain on things from the iron, which is very difficult to put on at home. Therefore, before the hostess, the question arises, how to save clothes and effectively get rid of this subphylum. Consider in this article how to quickly remove stains with the help of remedies.

What are iron stains?

Since the iron remains yellowish or shiny white spots, noticeable on dark clothes, and they appear on things both natural and synthetic fabrics. There can be several reasons for everything:

  • Incorrect ironing method.
  • Susceptibility of fabrics to high temperature, especially natural yarns.
  • Cutting and iron malfunction.

How to display iron spots with reservoirs?

Some stains are described by staging with an economical washing powder or soap. But if it is not possible to remove the fence in such a method, you can use the remedies. At the same time, before using any solution, first, pass the test and test it on the seam of the wrong side of the product. Since some fabrics can spoil. If the cloth changes color or deformation, this recipe does not use.
detergent liquid tool

Wear clothes in clean water. Wipe off your detergent with your fingers and leave for 10 minutes. After posting objects in a washing machine by selecting the recommended washing mode, applied to the product label. If there is no liquid tool, use the divorced powder in water.

Bleach or chlorine

iron stains
iron stains

Use bleach and chlorine, after reading the instructions applied on the packaging and taking into account the specifics of the fabric. CHLOROCK (1 TSP) Dispense (1 L). Wet a cotton swab with a solution from a contaminated area. After that thing rinses in cool water. These funds are suitable for white cotton and linen materials. However, if the fabric is burned severely, it will be further damaged.

Hydrogen peroxide or 10% ammonia alcohol

A piece of gauze moistened with hydrogen peroxide or ammoniated alcohol and put the paste. At the top, place a piece of dry gauze and turn it over slightly heated iron or dry the hair dryer. Under the effect of heat, the peroxide (alcohol) is hot, penetrates the fibers, and darkens the stain. Peroxide (alcohol) during ironing will dry out, so it is possible to periodically wet the cloth. This method will show stains from natural white fabrics: linens, and cotton.

Lemon juice or vinegar solution

Lemon juice or a solution of table vinegar should be squeezed while hiking. Wine or apple vinegar do not use, they will still spoil the thing. The product is immersed in hot water for half an hour, then rinse with cold water and squeeze it. Lemon juice or a solution of table vinegar should be squeezed on the route. Especially it will help remove fresh stains and shine on synthetic materials from loose fibers. However, it is inappropriate for materials that are averse to bleaching: Wool and Silk.

Milk or Prostokvash

Soak for several hours a spoiled thing in milk or springs. When the podcast disappears, wear clothes and understand powder. Take milk and pro stresses, take a screaming, so that after he did not have to clean the stains from fat. This method is suitable for weak points, it will also remove shiny attachments.
Boric acid

The trace on the product is sweetened with a cotton swab moistened in boric acid. When a stain appears, wrap clothes with a powder in warm water. The method will clean iron marks from white clothes.

Populate wet cold water and pour a little salt on it. Dry it outside in the sun or indoors. After this place, clean the brush and scroll the thing in warm water.
onions onions onions

Take half the onion or cash with a grated bulb crushed on the grater. Purify the spoiled place and leave for 15 minutes to make juice. After clothes, rinse them in cold water and post in a washing machine, because Clothes will smell like onions. This method is suitable for both true and synthetic-colored garments.

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Razor or machine to remove coils

This mechanical method is used for heavy garments. A shaving machine or a machine to remove the rollers gently split from the rolled part of the top layer of fibers of the material. The place, of course, will be thinner, but still smooth and flawless.

How to prevent iron stains from forming?

iron stains
iron stains

It is preferable to avoid using the aforementioned methods and to prevent stains from appearing rather than removing them. For this, there are a few straightforward rules.

  • Before ironing, check the soleplate of the iron. It should be clean without contamination. If there is a raid, he will first spend it on a cold iron with a soft cloth.
  • Before ironing, look at the label, sewn on the wrong side of the clothes. It inflicts information on the temperature mode. According to it, presents the correct ironing mode.
  • Find things on the wrong side and woolen and knitted fabrics through the gauze.
  • If the cloth allows you to use SPPrade mode.

If there are too obvious stains on the fabric, it will be impossible to remove them. Then conceal the damaged area, applique, or embroidery on it. But if the under-vase does not significantly damage the structure of the fabric, boldly apply the folk methods given in the article. And also see the video below, where it is described in detail ways to deal with similar passions.

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