How to encourage children to read a book

By | April 7, 2021

Most mothers and fathers say they want their children to read a book, even for a moment. But it is interesting to note that her children have no interest in reading books.
But before worrying, it is best to think about ways to encourage children to read.
Experience has shown that boys or girls who have not read a book in childhood are not good book readers even in adulthood.
If you give your child under the age of six half an hour each day, you may save your child from great danger in the future.
Reading books not only helps children to increase their knowledge, but also encourages them to engage in healthy activities.
Our suggestion is to start working now and provide reading space for your children, choose books that will be interesting and interesting for you too.
When buying a book, don’t forget your interest and take your child to the bookstore with you. Because the memory of buying a book from childhood will remain in their minds.
If you give children information about the author of a book who has written several books, when you give this information to children, they will add more to the story.
Read the story calmly, let the children go along with your story and voice.
It is not necessary to read the stories in written form and point by point, and keep your accent sweet.

In this way the children will become intimately acquainted with the story. And to make the story interesting for you too, you can use some words in it.
Change your voice a little during events, sometimes reading the story quickly or slowly because it will distract the children even more.
If children want to look at the pictures in the book or look at the book lines while reading, don’t be angry with them. Give them time. Most young children do the same.
Let the children ask you questions while reading the book, treat them calmly, do not answer the questions in a very serious or humorous way.

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