How did Valentine’s Day come about?

By | April 6, 2021

Love, attachment to someone and reliance on someone is experienced by almost every human being in their life. One may love a person, a region, an object, or God. February 8 is celebrated as Valentine’s Day in many parts of the world. We have tried to talk about the history of this day in this article. Of course, I have to mention that the discussion of celebrating and not celebrating is separate. The purpose of this article is to inform you about this day.


February 14th is named after Valentine’s Day. On this day, people who love each other, through flowers, messages, chats and other ways, offer proof of their love to their loved ones and celebrate. Of course, I have to mention that celebrating this day in this way is a tradition of this time, in the past this day would not have been celebrated in this way.

In ancient Rome, a feast would be held from February 4 to 6, in which the Romans would sacrifice a goat and a dog. The skins of the slaughtered animals were used to make daggers and the women were beaten. According to historians, the girls would form rows to be beaten on the skins. They believed that this would make them more pregnant.

Moreover, historians are not yet unanimous about the origin of this day, but the coincidence is that it began in the Roman Empire.

Who was Valentine?

A common and ancient tradition is that in the 3rd century AD there lived a priest (Christian religious person), named Valentine. At that time, the Roman emperor Claudius II banned marriage. He believed that married soldiers could not fight properly. So he imposed the ban. But St. Valentine was against the idea, so he secretly tied the knot.

When Claudius learned of this, he imprisoned Valentine and sentenced him to death. But Valentine fell in love with a prison guard. When Valentine was executed on February 14, he handed a letter of love to the prison guard. The last part read “From your Valentine!” That is why this day was named after him.

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