Hair whitening and treatment in adolescence

By | April 7, 2021

Graying hair often means aging, so people feel sad. But it is even more unfortunate when your hair turns white at a young age.
 Naturally, white hair turns white faster than black hair. Hair whitening usually begins in the early fourth decade of life, but in other races it occurs in the late fourth decade. It should be noted that the whitening of the hair starts from both sides of the head and then reaches the other part.

 Hair loss due to genetic factors 
 In this condition, whites before the age of 20 and people of other races before the age of 30. Most people think that whiteness is due to stress, but contrary to our belief, the main cause of whiteness is genetic, which unfortunately has no cure. 

  •  Causes of graying hair

 . Natural “

 . Unnatural graying of hair
 – Decreased physical strength
 – Persistent stress
 – Increased dryness
 – Improper diet
 – Use of substandard hair styling products –  

 Can graying of hair be prevented?
 The possibility of this depends on the cause. If whiteness is due to aging and genetic factors, nothing can be done without coloring. But if other factors are involved, treatment is possible.  
 First of all try to have a regular and proper diet, eat foods that meet the needs of your body. In addition, if you smoke, you should quit immediately to ensure the health of other parts of the body as well as the health of your hair. 
 If you love your hair and use any kind of product to make your hair look more beautiful, it is very dangerous. Because the market is full of low quality products, try to use high quality products. 
 Also learn ways to reduce stress. Try to manage your stress and find a way to peace of mind. There are a number of other ways, which we will briefly mention:

 Onion  and Lemon Water Onion water contains an enzyme that neutralizes hydrogen peroxide, thus preventing graying of hair. 
 To prepare this recipe you can use a bunch of onions and lemons. Mix both with water and apply it on your hair every night. You will soon see the result. 

 Almond oil
 You should first wash your hair with shampoo and then dry it completely. Then grease it with almond oil. Try to get enough oil to all parts of the head. You should also repeat this three or four times a week. In a short time you will see good results. 

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