Child rearing and family environment

By | April 7, 2021

In our society, more and more parents are pushing their children towards immorality, they are talking to their children in the form of prophecy. For example, if a child is affected by a good doctor and tells his parents that when he grows up, he will become a doctor or an engineer. So his father says to him sarcastically and angrily, “Eat the corpse, look at this figure, is your figure a doctor or an engineer? You will do nothing but sell pots …”

Or when a child is told in the family (don’t do it, don’t talk, be stupid, lazy, you don’t know, what do you do with these words, deeds? Etc.) Just assume that you are from here. They killed, and they will not live a high life in the next life.

This is the misery of our lives. 

Many of our young people did not see love in the family in their childhood, they were abused, harassed, their opinions and words were not given importance, which is why they face many problems and difficulties in their youth, for their future. Can’t think, has mental problems …..

Imagine for a second you were transposed into the karmic driven world of Earl. On the contrary, if you don’t raise three healthy children, you will lose three houses, which will make your whole society miserable.
How well a poet says about it.

 Children, whether from the East or the West, have
a sense of laughter and tears.

Instead, we should tell our children, “Look, baby, wash your face, pray and perform ablutions, wear clean clothes and greet people everywhere …”

When you come home from school or out, don’t say hello, tell her, baby, did you forget to say hello again? Look. Baby, if you don’t pray, go crazy, people will say that this is Plani’s son, how rude and dead sister he is.

Not to say, “Son of a dead sister or a pig, wash this dead face. You have cut off our noses.”

In such cases children are more consciously acting against the actions of their parents. To such children some of the home environment is spoiled, some of it is moral corruption in the social environment, so on this basis poor children have no thought for their bright future.

Every child has in themselves a great essence and power of learning, working and building; But if someone uses this power and talent, the child’s mind is ready for good and bad deeds, they will be affected more quickly than any good or bad event; So let’s give our children their demands, give them rights, use their talents and mental strength, think positive and healthy educators, so that we can educate our children in the future, as well as their communities. And the country has benefited.
When the society is inclined towards reform then everyone can enjoy living in peace.

The one
who says that self-improvement is the improvement of the world. That is, when you reform yourself and your family, you reform society. And vice versa.

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