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The amazing health benefits of corn

In Afghan society, corn was eaten at the table in the form of corn or sorghum, and in the company of young people, corn was eaten in the oven, in the oven, in the oven, and in other names, which would be baked on flames and coals. But in Afghanistan, white corn is more widely used… Read More »

Burj Khalifa The tallest building in the world

Dubai is currently one of the most developed cities in the world. The tall buildings add to the beauty of the city. By night the different lights give each part of the city a special beauty. The city also hosts the world’s tallest building. The building is called “Khalifa Tower”. You will read more Information about it in this post.… Read More »

Life and Art of Victor Hugo

The name “Hugo” is also one of the most famous writers in the world. In this short article you will read more about this great French writer.  Who was Hugo? Hugo is a well-known writer and poet of the nineteenth century, especially in France and around the world. His full name is Victor Hugo. The great writer opened… Read More »

What are the health benefits of mushrooms?

Mushrooms are found in different parts of Pashtuns in different parts of the country. It is also known as mushroom mushroom in English language. Also, mushrooms are called samarak or samarogh in Persian. But the Iranians call it the mushroom umbrella and in Arabic they call it luxury and mushroom, which is a good and useful food.… Read More »

Ten Interesting Facts About Men’s Brains

Women always want to solve problems, but men want to be free and no one should interfere in their work because they want to get rid of the heavy cost of marriage. This feature is a big mistake for men. This fact has been proven recently after research on young students. Also, men’s abusive and violent behavior… Read More »

Water conservation from the perspective of Islam

Water is an essential element of the environment which is very important for the life of living beings. That is, the life of all living things depends on water. In addition to freshwater (97%) and natural glaciers (2%), freshwater that is usable by humans is very low at 1%, so the holy religion of Islam also prevents… Read More »

Child rearing and family environment

In our society, more and more parents are pushing their children towards immorality, they are talking to their children in the form of prophecy. For example, if a child is affected by a good doctor and tells his parents that when he grows up, he will become a doctor or an engineer. So his father says to… Read More »

The road to success in life

We all hope to be successful but very few people understand the meaning of success and strive for success. I have to say that one of the people who are looking for success, you are too. Because you read this article for this purpose, to know, how to move towards success. We have tried in this article to… Read More »

Ways to get a good night’s sleep

Research shows that persistent insomnia has serious health consequences. Insomnia can lead to depression, depression, gangrene, obesity and many other problems.   it is very important to get enough sleep. Some people complain of insomnia. Here are some tips on how to look or get an appointment for antique items.   Relax Your Mind  Before you go to… Read More »