Best budget management strategy

By | April 6, 2021

Most people now believe that savings pave the way for more spending, not to make money. I want to say, in order to save money, it is better to cut down on business, to earn more money. Another is that the circulation of money causes people to work.

Why is Robert Kiyosaki’s budget management approach better than the old and standard approach?

It is no secret that the business of most Americans is not good at all. According to Matilda Fool, even 3% of Americans do not have ۱۰۰۰ 5 in their bank account.

Many of them said that when they have an accident, they have to borrow up to ۴۰۰ 1 or sell something. Matthew Fool also said that 5 percent of Americans have their money in banks. According to Maury Beckman, the same savings have led to more Americans going bankrupt.

I would also say that savings are a good way to achieve financial independence, but savings alone cannot solve the problem of bankruptcy of the American people. The first and foremost point is to gain financial knowledge. The problem is that saving, persuading and borrowing are not as responsive as they used to be.

Let me tell you – budget specialization is like a program. This program may be perfect and purposeful or vice versa. This program may not suit your needs and may lead you astray. It is bad when you keep your money only in the bank, so that it does not benefit you at all.

A good program is one that can make you a good business owner. With it you can grow your business, do good to people and achieve all your aspirations.

Consider all these points. Here are 3 importan key pointers in moving your finances forward.

An easy and simple exercise: If you want to be financially independent, write down all your monthly expenses in one column and your monthly income in another column. Now put your hand on your monthly salary or income. Now the question is, if you have no salary, what happens? As I have experienced, I know that a kind of fear and dread enters your heart.

That’s great, because it confronts us with the reality of most people’s lives. Most people live on their monthly salary, but have you ever wondered what would have happened if you had enough money from one place each month to cover your expenses? What would you do then? Did you retire Kim and I reached the same conclusion in the 1980s.

Creating a financial program can tell you what kind of financial transfers are needed.

Once you know your monthly expenses, you can create a program that suits you. Then everything will be interesting to you. Instead of eliminating costs, we’ve added one more thing – investing in what we call the “golden rule”.

If you set aside some money each month for this investment, you will eventually become a priority. Kim and I worked hard to make a lot of money. We designed and produced new products and made civilian-friendly contracts.

This kind of idea came to your mind when you took money out of banks and tried to make money. Allocating this money opened up more avenues for financial independence for me. This approach has been so effective that it has served its purpose.

So if you want to achieve financial independence and enjoy the taste, then this is the time to start with a proper budget. But also accept my advice not to follow the old rules. Because only these new rules can lead you to success.

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