Are there stars that never grow?

By | April 7, 2021

From the point of view of the terrestrial viewer it seems that clusters of stars or celestial images lie on the front of the dome and surround the earth. The circle, which is called the equator of the sky and revolves around the equator of the earth, divides the dome into two northern hemispheres and a southern hemisphere. A point that is directly above the Earth’s North Pole in the sky and lies on the side of the North-South hypothetical axis of the Earth is called the North Pole. At this point lies a short polar star that is a star in the celestial image of a small bear. If we lived at the Earth’s North Pole, the polar stars would be perpendicular to our head, in the ecliptic part of the sky, which is the highest point in the sky. At the equator, the sky is divided into two parts, the north and the south.
If we look at the sky from Europe, the polar star can be seen between the sky and the horizon. All the human beings that live on the earth revolve around the earth. Based on this, we conclude that all the stars in the sky revolve around a point that is in the direction of the Earth’s axis. That is, all the stars revolve around the north pole of the sky, next to which are the luminous polar stars. Therefore, this polar star is the star of origin or orbit around which the whole sky revolves once every 24 hours. From the Earth’s point of view, the star is immobile and fixed, although all stars move. The star is visible to the inhabitants of the northern hemisphere above the horizon in what is called the North Pole. Some celestial images, such as the Great Eagle (Dub Akbar), revolve around the polar star in such a short orbit that it never shortens the horizon or, in other words, never expands, so it can be seen at any time on a clear night.
To find a polar star, the star (Dub Akbar) has found a celestial image, retrieves the last two stars lying along a straight line, and continues to find a relatively bright star. Below this star lies the Earth’s North Pole. The stars that revolve around the South Pole are not visible to the people of the Northern Hemisphere. It should be noted that the South Pole of the sky does not yet have any luminous star like the “pole star” of the North Pole.

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