A few ways to become a better speaker!

By | April 7, 2021

The great prophet of Islam Muhammad Mustafa (peace be upon him) said: Some sayings have a magical effect. The fact is that speech is an important factor in human success, good speech can lead you to your goal, break the respect of others, increase your value and credibility and prepare others to accept your abilities.

Today the art of speaking is a great asset in life. Those who are good speakers are more successful, no matter how low their level of knowledge. They are very successful if they have the art of speaking. And if those people have a lot to say in their mind but can’t say it, then they can’t succeed as good speakers can attract more people by speaking right. And people will listen to you, trust you more than anyone else.

To be a good speaker, always keep the following points in mind:

Before you start speaking, you should first determine the level of knowledge of the participants and then speak according to their level.

Use words or phrases at the beginning of the speech to encourage the audience to listen and listen to the end. Have complete mastery of the topic, to convey your goal to the participants in a complete and efficient manner. In addition, you should avoid laziness and self-disclosure. As long as you can provide good, accurate and complete information to the audience, never settle for less information, as long as you are able to study the subject thoroughly.

Practice, explain to the audience what you have learned in the study or the topic you want to explain to the audience, repeat the topic to your friends, classmates or family members at the beginning. To strengthen your speech with more practice. It’s a good idea to get accustomed to more exercise, because more exercise increases your courage and makes you stronger in your speech. Also practice repeatedly on the topic you want to present. You need to strengthen your vocabulary for a reliable and effective speech. The best way to increase your vocabulary is to read books. Nowadays, with the advent of television, there has been a decline in the reading of books and printed works. The study should be done in the area you want to talk about. You need to find your favorite author and read his works.

Don’t go off topic unnecessarily, talk about the topic you have chosen in full and in detail and reach the target audience. However, take note of important points and topics in the form of notes and use them when needed. Be in control, if there is a disturbance in the meeting you can tell a joke or something that will make the audience pay attention to what you are saying and listen to what you have to say.

When speaking, you should pay attention to the volume of your voice. The pressure on certain words and the beginning and end of the sentence should be the same.

Take a video of your speech, listen to it several times and adjust it if needed. Consider Conversation If you want to be a good speaker and keep your audience with you during the speech, it is important that you converse with them, for example, if you mention a topic, ask the listener for an example. That is, people who sit down to talk to you, or ask a simple question about a previous topic during the conversation, will cause your audience to listen to you and learn something from you.

Speak boldly, self-confidence is very important when speaking. If you don’t believe in yourself, your audience will never listen carefully. When speaking, make gestures that show courage and strength.

Speak with confidence and confidence, get rid of any fears and anxieties. Speak Count, The purpose of counting is to speak clearly, clearly and eloquently.

Speak in such a way that the audience understands all the words and there is no room for ambiguity. If you find that your listeners don’t understand a point, or don’t understand it. Repeat so that the listener gets the full meaning. Counted words are clear and concise words from which the listener can understand the whole meaning.

Avoid self-praise, some speakers are such that most of the speech is devoted to self-praise. Self-esteem is at work and self-promotion. If the audience understands that your goal is to present yourself, then by no means will you listen to your heart. Try not to point too much at yourself when speaking. You can also remind yourself only if it is important or to remove any ambiguity. But despite all this, the speakers should not ignore the sensitivity of the subject.

Unfortunately many people do not pay attention to the above points while speaking and face many problems while speaking such as: shaking hands while speaking, loud talking, shortness of breath and so on. These are the problems that arise when the above topics are not taken into account and the speakers are faced with them. So in the end it can be said that those who are good speakers and have good speech can have complete mastery over the subject, the beginning of the subject is pleasant, avoid sarcasm and ambiguity and convey their words to the listeners calmly and well.


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