A brief introduction to the novel

By | April 6, 2021

The “Short Story and Novel” series has been discussed so far in the series Introducing Literary Genres, but this time we have tried to provide you with some information about the novel. By the end of the writing you will have gained enough knowledge about the novel.

Roman (pomegranate)

The novel is a popular genre of prose literature. It is said of the novel, that the word is French. The meanings are shown as “fictional stories or love stories”. In literary terms and descriptively, the novel is a prose literary genre that is at least longer than the novels. On the thematic side, many issues can come up. In the novel, an attempt is made to present and reflect different themes in an artistic way.

In the early days, romance was told to any long story, the subject of which would be love and romance. But in recent years the novel has flourished. Every aspect of life was included in it. The events in the novel are presented in more detail than in other fictional genres. Also the number of events, dialogues and characters in the novel is very high. Due to the wide scope of the novel, a number of great writers have resorted to this form, among them the names of “Tolstoy, Tekiri, Belzac, Dickens, etc.” are worth mentioning.

Types of novels

This prose literary genre is divided into different types in terms of structure and subject matter. Briefly, the names of some of the species can be given below. 

By subject

ـ Educational novels

Sociological novels

Psychological novels

Romanone Local

International novels

My history, Romanone 

By structure and style

ـ Think 

ـ Personality novel

Adventure novel

My novel Roman


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